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Cellular Essentials

Unicity Lifiber


Paraway Plus

Nature's Tea

Unicity Cleanse

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Unicity Matcha Item# 26552 Unicity Matcha ENERGY
Retail Price - 30 Packets $110.00
Preferred Customer Price  83.50

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Benefits  Your life's ambitions should not be inhibited by physical fatigue or mental exhaustion. Unicity Matcha aims to energize your body and mind, giving you the vitality and clarity you need to fully experience life.

Product Information:UNICITY MATCHA for Natural Energy is a refreshing blend of natural ingredients that boosts energy and concentration, lowers stress levels, and increases the metabolism. Matcha’s principle ingredient is ceremonial grade Chi-Oka Matcha, a shade-grown, hand harvested green tea from Japan, which delivers a powerful dose of  antioxidants in each serving.

Because Chi-Oka Matcha is shade-grown, the plant is
forced to grow at a much slower rate, which greatly
increases the polyphenols and amino acids available
in each serving of Matcha.


Power Burn
180 Capsules
Retail: $65.00

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Category: Weight Management

Unicity Power Burn™

Power Burn Ingredients List

References and Definitions from Wikipedia:
Power Burn Blend:
Guarana Seed Extract|Black Tea Extract|Yerba Mate

 • Naturally supports your metabolic rate when combined  with a healthy diet and exercise*
 • Can increase your energy levels*
 • Can help reduce your appetite and
• Ephedra Free (Does not contain ephedra)
 • Energy Enhancement


Discontinued by Uniicity
No Longer Available

180 Capsule
Retail: $69.00


Category: Weight Management

Unicity ChitoRich

Chitorich ™ is a formulation that contains a special Chitosan complex to help manage fat absorption

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(60 Capsules)
Retail: $28.00

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1.32 lb Canister

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Category: Adult Health

Unicity EnJuvenate

This exclusive, protein based formulation, is scientifically proven, safe, effective, and most of all, was designed to help encourage a youthful vitality, naturally.

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Unicity Nature's Tea
Non Mylar
(30 Bags)

Retail: $30.00 

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Natures Tea - Each Bag Wrapped with Mylar FoilNature's Tea
Mylar Packaging
(30 Bags) Each bag of tea is individually wrapped with a mylar foil for freshness.  
Retail: $33.00  

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Digestive Health
Unicity Natures Tea

This is a sweet, soothing blend of 10 Chinese and American herbs.

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Unicity Cleanse - Clearstart with Nature's Tea or Aloe Vera (Previously Known As: Enrich Paraway Pack) Retail: $112.00

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The Clearstart - Unicity Cleanse Pack is designed to be the best comprehensive  cleanse on the market. Contains
1 - 1lb.Canister of Lifiber
, 1 Bottle of Paraway Plus, and 1 Box Natures Tea

Features a proprietary blend of the highest-quality herbal ingredients .

Unicity Lifiber -
1 Lb. Canister

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Paraway Plus - 120 Caps
 Retail: $49.00

 Paraway Plus:
 A patented blend of herbs containing all natural preventive properties support the digestive tract.

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Digestive Health
Unicity Lifiber
Features 29 high-quality herbs.  This psyllium-based powder drink mix provides both soluble and insoluble fiber for colon health.

Digestive Health
Paraway Plus

What does it do?  Promotes a healthy, clean, and pro-biotic digestive tract.*

For Eye Health
Now called Vision Essentials
(60 Caps)
Retail: $45.00

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Wild Yam Cream
Womens Health
Retail: $35.00Unicity health product Wild Yam Cream
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 Cellular Essentials

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Category: Heart Health

Cellular Essentials™ Pack
What does it do? Promotes cardiovascular health by nourishing the millions of cells that comprise your cardiovascular system.*  Back to top of page

Bioslife CNew and Improved:

(Previously known as Bioslife Complete)

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Bioslife 2 - Original and Natural and Tropical
To Order Bioslife 2 :

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Category: Weight Management

Bios Life Slim™ - Unicity Balance
(In the packet form it is Now Called Unicity Balance)
What does it do?  H
elps you achieve your optimal weight and health goals. For people on-the-go, take with you in pre-measured and sealed packets. 60 packets per box.
fiber-based, vitamin-rich nutritional supplement.

Unicity Balance™ contains a blend of soluble and insoluble fibers, Unicity® 7× technology, phytosterols, policosanol, an extract of Chrysanthemum morifolium, vitamins, and minerals that when combined with a healthy diet and exercise can help you reach your weight management goals.

Physicians Desk Reference:
Unicity Balance


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Category: Heart Health

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Category: Heart Health
Bioslife 2

This product is our old standby.. Bioslife 2 Original, Natural and Tropical formulations to help with dietary Cholesterol health.

Scientific Documentation
Physicians Desk Reference:

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